Go Green and Be Healthy and Protect the Environment

admin - Jun 14th, 2013
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Since Al Gore shed some light on the human impact on the environment in his “An Inconvenient Truth”  there was a very positive awareness about the environment and everybody started to explore more about the environment and about living green.

Living green is not necessarily reducing the impact on the environment. It is also respecting the environment and giving back to the environment to let it complete its natural cycles.

Eating home cooked meals is one very simple but an effective way we can contribute for Green living. Mainly if we eat at home there won’t be any  use of water, plastic or paper at the restaurant. Also the transportation to the restaurant also causes carbon emissions that could be avoided. Also we are never aware about all the ingredients used by the restaurants. When we prepare our own meals at home we can make them healthier and customised to our personal taste.

Minimising the use of private vehicles is another way you can contribute to healthy living. Sometimes there are situations where one person uses a vehicle for personal use where the same task could have been done using  public transport. In fact some big cities around the world have already taken certain steps to discourage people using cars.

Most cities charge a hefty parking fee around the city limits so the citizens are encouraged to use a convenient public transport system to move around the city. This also have proven to be impacting the health of those cities too. For instance it has been reported that most of these cities have a relative low rate of obesity among the citizen as they have to walk when they run  their daily errands.

Alternating for holistic medical attention is another way we can go green. Production of the pharmaceutical products go through a lengthy process from the laboratory experiments to the transportation of the medicine to the sales outlets etc. While these processes take place it costs a heavy carbon footprint, there is another theory that the pharmaceutical medicines are only curing the symptoms but not curing the cause.

When it comes to holistic medicine the root cause will be identified and the treatments are carried out for the root cause where the symptoms will slowly but surely fade away. Currently there is an awareness about the holistic medicine and some are slowly shifting for this new trend. But most of them find that holistic medicine takes time to cure the medical conditions compared to the pharmaceutical medicine.

Since we are very much used to a very fast paced life it seems to be a fair argument. But in real life there are no short cuts for ethical and genuine solutions. Not only in terms of health for anything in life this is a true fact. While this fast paced life is expecting more and more from us we have to understand that  even though we are inventing the coolest inventions to be used still our bodies are 100% natural and it needs to be nurtured physically and mentally at its natural pace.

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